Quick Start

Upon successful registration and login to TradingLite, you will be presented with the default chart layout.

We strongly recommend having this guide open in one tab, whilst having the TradingLite platform open in another, in order to follow along. If you have not done so already, you can sign up here.


By default, you will find:
  • Traditional candlestick price-chart (Main)
  • Volume
  • Heatmap
  • Heatmap Lens
  • VPVR
  • Grid

Each of these elements within your chart, is called a ‘Layer’.

When you begin, by default, all of these elements are within a single ‘Pane’ (Pane 0)

Layers’ can be arranged within multiple ‘Panes’.


Zoom In & Out

Freeform zoom is a powerfull tool in TradingLite, this allows you to easily zoom in and out on any part of the chart in one swift action


  • Right-click anywhere on the chart
  • Drag horizontally or vertically
Add a New Pane

Let’s move the volume layer into a separate, new pane.


  • Select ‘Chart Settings’
  • '+' Add Pane
  • Drag Volume Layer into our new pane (Pane 1)
  • Close window

Feel free to rearrange both layers and panes to suit your preferences.

Add an Indicator

Let's add TradingLite's Official VPSV indicator.


  • Select ‘Indicators’
  • Ensure Official Indicators is Selected
  • Scroll to VPSV
  • Click Activate
  • Close Window

Basics Overview:

Top Toolbar


At the top, from left to right, you will find options to select:

  • Blog Shortcut
  • Exchange/Coin
  • Time Frame
  • Chart Style
  • Layers
  • Heatmap Slider
  • HD/SD Heatmap (Note: Only available to Early Access + Subscribers)
  • Undo/Redo
  • Layouts
  • Dark/Light Contrast Toggle
  • Screenshot

Drawing Toolbar

To the left, you will find a range of drawing tools.

- Crosshair Preference
- Magnet
- Show/Hide All Drawings
- Lock/Unlock All Drawings
- Pencil
- Trendline
- Parallel Channel
- Rectangle
- Horizontal Ray
- Vertical Ray
- Fibonacci Retracement
- Fibonacci Extension
- Gann Fan
- Risk/Reward
- Ruler
- Delete

Please see our dedicated Drawings guide that demonstrates the flexibility and customisability of TradingLite's Drawing Tools.

Trade Feed/Order Book

To the right, you will find toggles for:

- Trade Feed
- Order Book

Please see our dedicated Trade Feed & Order Book guides that explain, in detail, all of the options and features, they each respectively offer.

Chart/Indicator Settings & Status Toolbar:


To the bottom left, you will find:

  • Indicator Selection
  • Chart Settings
  • Zoom Out
  • Reset View
  • Scroll to Realtime

To the bottom right, you will find:

  • Connection Status
  • Time/Timezone Selection
  • Auto Scale

Miscellaneous Toolbar:

To the bottom right, you will find toggles for:

- Account Overview
- Help Center & Support
- Focus Mode
- Full-Screen Mode

Whilst some may find the above to be sufficient enough to start using TradingLite, we do recommend you take a look at our other TradingLite Guides, including an in-depth Getting Started guide.

Happy Trading!

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