Heatmap Basics

The Heatmap is a visual record of historical liquidity within the Order Book, showing limit buy (below current price) and limit sell (above current price) orders.

Updated in real-time, it also shows current liquidity.


It consists of a grid of blocks, each with a specific color/intensity that represent the strength of supply or demand, at that price/time.

Heatmap Intensity Slider

Intensity Slider

Sometimes you may wish to filter the Heatmap data.

This is achieved by using the intensity slider in the top bar.

The slider's colors serve as a legend for the Heatmap.

The darker color on the left represents the color used for blocks with a smaller value on the Heatmap.

The lighter color on the right represents the color used for blocks with a larger value on the Heatmap.

  • Using Left handle, you can filter out blocks with a smaller value from the Heatmap.
  • Right handle helps you view the blocks with a larger value, by increasing their visibility.

Colors and Filtering data

You can change the Default Theme by clicking on Layer Settings.


Themes aren't just for aesthetics, they are also fine-tuned for different visualisations.

Additional Notes

Heatmap Shortcut:

Quickly Show/Hide the TradingLite Heatmap by pressing the ‘H’ key on your keyboard.

Extend Heatmap:

The Heatmap can be Extended which can be used will help identify the current supply/demand liquidity pools, with greater clarity.

To extend the Heatmap:

  • Click Indicators
  • Select 'Heatmap'
  • Select the desired value from 'Extend Heatmap'

Whilst this guide has covered the basics, you should also consider viewing the Heatmap Advanced guide.

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